Dental Implants

Implant treatment is a procedure performed by an oral surgeon or periodontist working with a restorative dentist  and a laboratory as a team.


Dental implantation
Dental implants are roots for fixing crowns, bridges or false teeth. Implants can be used to substitute lost teeth and roots. After the healing period the implants are almost fully able to function as teeth and roots. They improve chewing and speech, and apart from providing comfort they improve the aesthetics of the face too.

What’s the advantage of implants? With implants:
There’s no need to crown healthy teeth to replace missing ones.
In case molars are missing partial removable prosthesis can be avoided, and comfort is improved.
In case of the total lack of teeth you can avoid the dislocation of removable dentures, or there is a possibility to have (non-removable) fixed dentures made.
Major bone loss can also be avoided after losing teeth.
Removable dentues, associated with old age by many,are also avoidable.
During speaking and chewing a high level of comfort and confidence can be achieved which helps establishing and maintaining personal relationships. 

Who is suitable for implantation treatments?
The optimal patient is totally healthy, has good oral hygiene and suitable anatomical features at the place where implants are placed. Due to modern technology, implantation is a surgery for anyone and everyone. There are certain diseases, health conditions, however, which exclude or make implantations be under consideration. Such factors are: smoking, taking certain medications, diabetes or haemophilia.

Who is implantation recommended to? All patients who
Haven’t got any of the excluding factors and who choose this solution
Do not want to have their healthy teeth ground right next to the missing ones
Would like to make their removable dentures more firm
Would like to have fixed bridges instead of their removable prosthesis