Endodontia - Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

 If the cavity is deep in the tooth, the bacteria can infect the interior of the tooth (pulp) and the tooth gets inflamed. In these cases the removal of the inflamed pulp, the removal of the ‘nerves of the tooth’ and root canal treatment might be necessary. The complexity and the cost of the treatment depends on how advanced the inflammation is, and also on the number of the root canals in the specific tooth.

Restoring the tooth after the treatment

Following the completion of the root canal, the tooth will need to be restored. Most times due to the amount of tooth structure removed, a crown is recommended as the final restoration, although depending on where the tooth is located in your mouth, a tooth colored filling might work for the restoration. Sometimes a post may have to be cemented into the canal of the tooth to add structural support before a crown can be placed. Our Dentist, Dr. Stuart Curry will explain all the options and what your specific tooth may need.